Note: In dealing with the COVID-19 situation, the contest will be a bit different this year.  We know there are still quite a number of unknowns and evolving situations, so any of this is subject to change if necessary.  

2021 Overview

There will be ONE contest this year at the regional level, with overall state awards determined from those results.
The contest will tentatively taken place sometime between late February and late April.
Teams will (hopefully) take the contest at their home school, where they can observe safety protocols and be supervised by a coach/proctor.  Coaches will grade papers and enter their student/team scores.
While we hope that all schools will be able to participate in-person at their home schools, the option will be available for schools to administer the contest remotely, depending on the status of the school at the time of the contest.
Contest fee for the 2021 contest will be $150 per school.

2021 Competitions

There will be three ’rounds’ of competition called A, B, and C.
Competition A  – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Competition B – JS 8 Person Team
Competition C – FS 8 Person Team, Calculator Team
Note:  There is neither 2-person team competitions nor oral team competitions for the 2021 contest.

2021 Special Scoring

In Competition A, an unlimited number of students may compete.  Coaches will report the scores of the top six students in each topic.  The top four scores count toward the team score, with the fifth and sixth scores used in awards tiebreaker situations.

2021 Calculators

Calculators may be used in Competition A and Calculator Team.
Calculators are not permitted in 8 Person Team.

2021 Awards

Top individuals, top teams in each event, and top schools will receive awards within 2021 competition.  Awards will be given to
those whose scores are top in the state.  Awards will be shipped directly to the school approximately 5 weeks following the contest.

2021 Commitment/Registration Deadlines

Schools new to the contest must contact the contest chair so an account can be set up for your school on the HS Portal.  Returning schools can complete registration on the HS Portal.

December 15  – Login to your school account and choose the option under “2021 Contest Commitment” to indicate if you intend to participate this year.

January 31 – Registration forms an payment should be sent by this date.

For more information…

Inquiries regarding the High School contest can be addressed to