The season consists of two contests:  Regional (end of February) and State Finals (beginning of May).  Schools compete as a team at the regional competition.  There are four school divisions:  1A (399 or less), 2A (400-1099), 3AA (1100-1999), and 4AA (2000 or more).  Winners and high scorers at regionals advance to the state finals.


At the Regional, There are three rounds of competition called A, B, and C.
Competition A  – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Competition B – FS 2 Person Team, JS 8 Person Team
Competition C – FS 8 Person Team, JS 2 Person Team, Calculator Team
An Oral Team competition takes place concurrently with these three.
Competitions are slightly different at the State Finals.


In Competition A, a maximum of six students compete in each event, with the top four scores counting toward a team score.  Each team score contributes to the school’s total score.
In Competitions B and C, team scores contribute to the school’s total score.


Calculators may be used in Competition A, Calculator Team, and Oral Team.
Calculators are not permitted in 8 Person Team.
The 2 Person Team is split:  part no calculator and part calculator.
In events where calculators are permitted, any self-contained and battery operated calculator is permitted.


Top individuals, top teams in each event, and top schools receive awards at the Regional level.
The top ten individuals, top 10 teams in each event, and top 10 schools receive awards at the State Finals.


Schools new to the contest must contact the contest chair so an account can be set up for your school on the HS Portal.  Returning schools can complete registration on the HS Portal.

June 1 – Registration opens for contest (fee is $250)

November 1 – Deadline for early registration (fee becomes $300 after this date)

December 1 – Deadline for registration (fee becomes $350 after this date)

January 1 – Registration open based upon available space.  Contact the contest chair for further information.

For more information…

Inquiries regarding the High School contest can be addressed to