Note: Results for the 2022 contest will be posted on Sunday, May 8th. We are encountering some technical difficulties in posting results.

Results will be posted here following the last awards ceremony.
 Division 1ADivision 2ADivision 3AADivision 4AA
Algebra 1 IndividualResultsResultsResultsResults
Algebra 1 TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
Geometry IndividualResultsResultsResultsResults
Geometry TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
Algebra 2 IndividualResultsResultsResultsResults
Algebra 2 TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
Pre-Calculus IndividualResultsResultsResultsResults
Pre-Calculus TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
FS 8 Person TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
JS 8 Person TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
Calculator TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
FS 2 Person Teamno contestno contestno contestno contest
JS 2 Person Teamno contestno contestno contestno contest
Relay Teamsno contestno contestno contestno contest
Oral TeamResultsResultsResultsResults
Team TotalsResultsResultsResultsResults